A Handful of Vermicompost

Vermicompost (worm poop) is a wonderful natural organic fertilizer for all types of plants.

To learn how to get the most out of using worm compost read: Using Worm Compost

One of the best ways to use worm compost is to make a batch of worm compost tea with a few handfuls. Here is a simple recipe for aerated, brewed Worm Compost Tea.

To brew a batch of aerated worm compost tea, you will do roughly the same procedure as the basic worm tea recipe except you will be introducing a sugar source and an aeration device. The sugar and aeration wakes up, feeds, and increases the population of the beneficial microorganisms living in the worm compost making this method the absolute best for your plants. Here is my aerated, brewed worm compost tea recipe:

Put roughly 1 gallon of finished worm castings (without a tea bag) into a 5 gallon bucket. I never measure, just throw in a few handfuls of vermicompost.

Add 4 gallons of water (rain or well water is best because it is not chlorinated but city water will work).

Add 1 ounce of unsulfured molasses to provide a food source for the beneficial microorganisms living in the worm poop. You can use almost any sugar source here.

Stick the bubbler (airstone) end of an aquarium aerator down to the bottom of the bucket and turn it on. Let it brew for 3 days, stirring occasionally.

You may want to strain the worm compost tea before using.

For best results, use the brewed worm tea immediately.

Tip for even better results: Follow the worm compost tea recipe above, but add 2 cups of alfalfa pellets (rabbit food), for some extra Nitrogen in the worm tea brew.

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