Store your Food scraps in the freezer until you are ready to feed your worms

Feeding Your Composting Worms

What can you feed your worms? You can feed them any vegetable scraps including egg shells and coffee grounds (if you use a paper coffee filter, throw that in too!). You can also feed your worms lint from your clothes dryer and paper towels (use only paper towels that were used to clean up drink spills and do not have cleaning solution on them).

Worms are vegetarian, they do not eat meat. Don’t feed them meet, eggs, butter, or oil. Composting worms can handle a small amount of bread and cheese but I would discourage putting them in your worm bin until you have had some practice caring for composting worms. Be careful not to overfeed your red wigglers as this can attract fruit flies and other pests because the red worms won’t be able to eat the food scraps fast enough. For more detailed info on how to feed your red wiggler composting worms read: Feeding Your Worms