Happy Worms Eating food scraps

Feeding Your Composting Worms
Worms can eat roughly half their weight everyday. You can use this to calculate how much you should be feeding your worms. When you start your bin you will usually start with ½ pound or 1 pound of worms. So, they will be able to eat roughly ¼ or ½ a pound of food scraps per day assuming ideal conditions. If you want your worms to eat faster, chop the food scraps into small pieces ahead of time. The increased surface area will make it easier for the worms (and the bacteria) to eat.

Worms do not have teeth. They have very small gizzards (like chickens do) that they use to grind up their food. Because they don’t have teeth, they can not bite off chunks of the food scraps. Therefore, they need to wait until the food scraps begin to rot and get soft and mushy.

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