Composting Worm escape

How to Keep Composting Worms from Leaving the Bin

5 Easy steps to Prevent Your Worms from Escaping Their Worm Bin One of the biggest fears of any beginning worm farmer is the fear of their worms leaving the bin all at once. Can you imagine coming home to a mass exodus of 50,000 red worms crawling all over your kitchen floor?! The reality is
3 large flow through worm composters

How to Make a Homemade Worm Composting Container

What Container and Materials Should You Use for a Homemade Worm Composter? Vermicomposting Bin Design Questions Answered Worm composting is a form of composting in which you feed your veggie food scraps to a specific type of earthworm called red wiggler composting worms or Redworms. Red wiggler composting worms need some sort of bin or