Compost Directly in Your Garden with an Earthworm Composting Tower

Build your own Self Spreading Composting System: The Worm Tower! If you think harvesting compost from a worm bin or compost pile and spreading it in your garden is too much work, then build yourself a worm tower! In this article, you will learn how to use earthworms in your garden to compost right where

Video: Feeding large flow through worm bins

Turn large amounts of food scraps and shredded paper into worm compost Watch the below video from a worm composting class I recently taught for my job. The Community Culinary students in the video are learning how to feed composting worms and add worm bin bedding to large flow through worm bins.
3 large flow through worm composters

How to Make a Homemade Worm Composting Container

What Container and Materials Should You Use for a Homemade Worm Composter? Vermicomposting Bin Design Questions Answered Worm composting is a form of composting in which you feed your veggie food scraps to a specific type of earthworm called red wiggler composting worms or Redworms. Red wiggler composting worms need some sort of bin or