Composting Worms and Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

People often freak out when they first find Soldier Fly Larvae in their worm bin because they look like maggots.

They are similar to common house fly maggots in that they are the larvae stage of a type of fly, however they eat any type of food scraps not primarily meat. Many people intentionally use BSF (black soldier fly) larvae to compost their food scraps. I have even set up black soldier fly composters on top of my chicken coop so that the adult larvae crawl out (when they are ready to turn into a fly) and drop right down into the chicken coop. My chickens love eating them and have learned to wait under the BSF composters. A free protein source!

Black soldier fly are found naturally in most parts of the world and will most likely find your outdoor worm composting bin in the summer. They will not hurt your composting worms and can easily coexist in the same bin.