What are the Most Unusual Foods that can be Fed to Composting Worms?

You can add floor sweepings to your worm binStop throwing away these 9 things each day; Feed them to your worms instead

Learn 9 Strange Everyday Waste Materials that you can feed your composting worms

Composting worms are great at processing vegetable food scraps into nutrient-rich worm castings. Check the list below to learn 9 unusual things that you throw away daily that you can also feed to your composting worms.

What are the Most Unusual Foods that can be Fed to Composting Worms?

  • Dryer lint – It is made up of mostly plant-based fibers from your clothes
  • Egg Shells – They take a very long time to break down and greatly increase the calcium content of your worm compost.
  • Paper Towels – Only add them to your worm compost bin if they have been used to up clean drink spills, etc. Do not put paper towels that have chemicals on them in your worm bin.
  • Pet Hair – you will want to be careful with this one. In small quantities I have found that it works well. In large quantities, pet hair can easily clump together making it harder for the composting worms to break it down.
  • Tea bags and coffee filters – Go ahead and throw them in as well, they are just paper (carbon)!
  • Floor sweepings – The contents of your dust pan is mostly dirt, pet hair, dust bunnies, etc. They can all be added to a worm bin.
  • Cooked pasta or rice. If you don’t have any backyard chickens to eat up your leftover cooked pasta or rice you can fed them to your composting worms. Be sure it doesn’t have sauce or oils on it.
  • Beard clippings – Similar to pet hair, beard clippings are simply dead skin cells. They are organic (used to be alive), throw them in the worm bin!
  • Sawdust from untreated wood – Sawdust from untreated wood is simply little bits of carbon. It will act as bedding in a worm bin. If you have a lot of sawdust to add, it is best to mix it in well with the other beddings so that it doesn’t stick together.

Enjoy composting this list of unusual items. If you have another funky material you throw in your worm bin, let me know on social media.