Worm Composting T-Shirts on Sale

Are you proud of your composting worms? Then, tell the world with one of these fun Worm Composting T-Shirts Here is a preview of a couple of the worm composting t-shirts. See all the worm composting t-shirts on sale now through Amazon.com  These worm composting t-shirts make a great gift for the gardener, worm farmer,

How to Split a Worm Bin

Learn How to Turn One Worm Composting Bin into Two If you have a healthy, active worm composting bin you can easily split the worms and bedding in two to make an additional worm bin. Why would you want to split a worm bin? You may want to expand your home worm composting. Giving your worms
Composting Worm escape

How to Keep Composting Worms from Leaving the Bin

5 Easy steps to Prevent Your Worms from Escaping Their Worm Bin One of the biggest fears of any beginning worm farmer is the fear of their worms leaving the bin all at once. Can you imagine coming home to a mass exodus of 50,000 red worms crawling all over your kitchen floor?! The reality is